Think virtual presentations are worse than in-person? Think again.

Think virtual presentations are worse than in-person? Think again.

Business communication continues evolving, and a few things are true while others are wildly false. 


  • Texting colleagues CAN be more efficient than ambling up and down hallways to find co-workers and talk.
  • E-mailing can avoid the time-wasting usually associated with playing phone tag.
  • Virtual presentations and meetings can save a boat-load of money and hundreds of hours without sacrificing productivity.


Technology can only enhance communication efficiency. It cannot replace human connection—more on this below.


  • Virtual meetings and presentations are worse than in-person events. (They’re not. They’re just different. If you’re struggling to evolve, it means you’re trying to drag an old style into a new medium. Stop.)
  • Workers NEED to be in the office to collaborate well. Maybe for certain industries, but it’s been repeatedly proven that teams can form and bond anywhere globally with the right leadership. Discussions, decision-making and successful information-sharing are possible whether in-person or not. It’s all about how you attempt doing it virtually.

The bottom line is that technology can help us manage time and expenses better, but it will not replace human connection. Still, the human connection need not be limited to in-person experiences.

If we were talking about personal relationships where physical touch mattered, that would be one thing, but this is work, and that need doesn’t apply here. People connect through authenticity. Through honesty. Through integrity. Even through vulnerability. Have you ever cried at a scene in a movie? Laughed at something you saw online? Felt compelled to donate to a fundraiser for someone you read about in a random Humans of New York post? We connect through genuine stories and strong communication skills. That’s what closes deals and persuades management. That’s what inspires others and motivates them to act.

Have you thought about how you can communicate and present better in the way the preference is trending/moving? Or are you clinging to the way things were because you’ve mastered it or at least were comfortable in it? Join the conversation on my LinkedIn.

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