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Master the art of business storytelling for software engineers.
Speaking Success for Software Engineers: Learn How to Tell a Business Story that Accomplishes Your Goals (In 30 Minutes).

A powerful presentation isn’t just about code and technical details.

It’s about showcasing your expertise using relatable narratives that resonate with stakeholders and decision-makers.

Discover our highly praised TECH-SPEAK Framework to craft engaging stories that drive your career forward.


Feel like your presentations should be making a stronger impact?
You’re not alone.
Many other IT pros feel the same way.


You don’t have to be like the rest of them.

You can build your storytelling skills using techniques from an expert in presentation skills and stand out!

You need help standing out in the world of software engineering – this class will do it for you.

In this class, you’ll discover cutting-edge storytelling techniques designed to position you (and your ideas) as the obvious choice at your job.

What You’ll Learn in This Masterclass:

  • Top strategies to capture your audience’s attention in the first 30 seconds.
  • Common presentation myths that cause software engineers to lose their audience’s interest (we see it repeatedly!)
  • How to design a presentation that engages your audience and makes them champion your ideas and solutions.
  • How to transform your technical talk from a dry information dump to a well-crafted business story that makes your expertise and hard work stand out.
  • How to identify what stakeholders truly care about and appeal to their priorities (this process is a total mindset shift and one of the key secrets we only share with our private clients).
  • The key to delivering a presentation that makes you SHINE by harnessing the power of the TECH-SPEAK Framework.
  • -AND MORE!